Through my art I invite to reflect on inner values to awaken our responsibilities for the well-being and continuity of human beings and our precious planet. Please have a look to Mind the Fulness Project below, developed to provide a meditative public space where to pause and reflect.

Project details


Mind-the-Fulness (MtF) is an innovative nonprofit social program with the aim of turning designated train carriages (tube & rail), buses & stations into an environment in which passengers can tune into a mindfulness experience.

Transforming daily commute into a journey toward balance, contentedness & self-confidence.

Docklands Light Railway (DLR) through its contractor Keolis Amey (KAD), is the first company to show interest to MtF Program. KAD stands out for their significant activities relating to social awareness and community engagement over the past years. DLR aims to integrate a MtF program into its existing Mental Health scheme. A personalised visual presentation has been developed to help DLR implement MtF program on a long term basis. See images on gallery.

Carriages details

  • Floor Projector reflects animated images on entrance floor and its speakers convey mindfulness audio programs by Brain Recharge APP.
  • Vinyl wrapping, optically defining the MtF carriage. People can freely move in/out along the MtF carriage once in.
  • Perforated see-through window film outside only. With 40% transparency passengers can still look outside while enjoying a soothing shadowy ambient

Station details

  •  “Mind the Fulness” wording on platform in proximity of where the MtF carriage stops.
  • Stations with equipped Mind the Fulness Corners.

Why It's a Good Contemporary Art

Through my art installations and artistic architecture, I invite to reflect on inner values and global priorities, promoting mindful living and world sustainability.

All proceeds will go to support nonprofit projects and charities.