Mindful Contemporary Art & Artistic Architecture

Art Installation by The Good Art London


Getting inspired by the space itself, I call it artistic architecture. Usually I arrange a free visit to asses where the art installation would go and be in tune with your tastes and modus vivendi. I work with any material, any size, any style. My art piece would be your art piece, in unity. Although I always prefer to meet people in person to connect first, if you live outside London, please keep in touch to further discuss. Connection is beyond physical boundaries.

Art Installation by The Good Art London


Aiming to pursue a common success, rather then my personal one, I liaise with public and private organizations to implement art installations which benefit our communities and our planet. Have a look to Mind the Fulness – a nonprofit project to bring meditation on trains, tube, buses and stations in London. Do keep in touch if interested in any Art for Community or any other project to make a brighter World. I am with you.

House Gallery Events by The Good Art London


I’m blessed to live in a stunning house in the middle of the vibrant Brackenbury Village in Hammersmith, London. A proper art gallery in a fine spacious contemporary ambient. I can only accept events with sensible guests willing to have an unforgettable time sharing a magical ambient with respect. Opt for a Candlelight evenings with a top level Italian catering for a unique experience.

Why It's a Good Contemporary Art

Through my art installations and artistic architecture, I invite to reflect on inner values and global priorities, promoting mindful living and world sustainability.

All proceeds will go to support nonprofit projects and charities.